Small Nut Roaster `Pisto Mini´


It is an electric heated batch oven capable of roasting 6kg/Batch. (Measured in peanut volume)

The guided airflow combined with the stirrers shape and speed gives a uniform roasting in all kind of nuts. Its unique way of roasting brings out all the flavor of the nuts and preserves it long after roasting.

Thanks to its size, easy placement and its silent operation it can fit into any retail shop. During roasting, the smell of freshly roasted nuts will attract the interest of passers-by. Due to its effortless operation you can focus on your customers and dedicate your attention to them offering fresh roasted nuts on site, which will increase the value of your business day by day.

It is also capable of a larger production by installing more than one unit as one person can handle more than one at the same time.

It is very easy to be cleaned as all parts that come into contact with the nuts can be removed and washed. there is also a drawer beneath the oven that collects all the particles during the roasting process.

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Uniform Roasting
  • Reliability
Cooling system

Cooling as part of the roasting procedure, is also very important.
The requirement for easy movement of the oven and cooling of the roasted nuts is fulfilled by the wheeled base that accommodates the oven on top of it. It has 5 trays where each one has a capacity equal to one roasting batch. The last 3 trays have the ability to cool as there is a fan on the back that is activated at the push of a button. 

Technical characteristics




Productivity 6kg/batch, 24kg/h (Measured in peanut volume)
Voltage 400V-3N
Frequency 50/60Hz
Dimentions (LxWxH mm) 840x830x865 
Construction Material Stainless steel

 Technical characteristics may differ for machines intended outside Europe

Small batch roaster

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